Friday, November 16, 2018


Safely across the border and relaxing in the DR. We're done for another year!! Can't express the blessing it is to be able to work side by side with our Haitian friends. Working together. Laughing a lot. Sweating a lot!!!! I forgot to mention, it's hot here. Over 30C every day!!!
The pictures are from our last day on the site and the morning we left for the Dominican. Knew you would be waiting to see a final picture of the hole. Over 8 feet now. They'll keep working to get it to 12 feet!
Work doesn't stop when we leave. The washroom/showers for the seniors still needs to be completed. The roof on the new section will hopefully be finished Jan/Feb when Eric is scheduled to return. And then it's our hope that a group of seniors will move in. Pr. Abdon is saying as many as 5 early in the year!
Thank you for your prayers! For the team and the work. But don't stop! Keep this home and the people of Pignon and Haiti in your hearts and minds. They need our prayers. The team says thanks and see you soon in the frosty north.
 Our plane taking us to the north

 The boys room for the 4 guys
Dan in the hole at the end of Tues
The team and Pr. Abdon. Pr. lives on the property
Colin with our Haitian team
Highview’s cornerstone is still there!
 The beauty of the countryside
 Windows with shutters

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Tuesday morning at the site. Can't believe it's our last day here. Tomorrow's a travel day to get us back to the Dominican.
Yesterday afternoon had an opportunity to travel to the other side of Pignon mountain to visit another of the AEM churches. Absolutely beautiful. The countryside, in many places in this country, is spectacular.
Wouldn't be a morning on the blog without giving you some updated photos of the work. Pretty impressive hole eh?
 The other side of Pignon mountain

 The hole gets deeper

 Frames and some shutters going in


Hello from Haiti. I've attched a picture of the hole at the end of work on Saturday. Need the ladder now to get in and out!
Took a couple pictures of the main street of Pignon when we stopped to get gas.
 Sunday was our annual trip to see our friends in the city of Hinche and the region of Sapate. Always such a blessing to worship with them. (Wow, can they sing!!!! The place rocks!!!) Big hugs. Always good to hear what is new. Although the news is not always good. It's life here. It's complicated.
On the way back to LaJeune we went off road to see the Bassin Zim falls. Worst road we've travelled in Haiti!!! 5.6 kilometers off the more common road. Took nearly 45 minutes!!! But beautiful when we arrived! Hiked up to the top where there is a massive cave and tunnel. The tunnel goes 20 kilometers. We didn't do that!
It's now Monday morning and it's back to the hole.

Our Haiti adventure is really not about digging a hole. Although that's good work. It's about helping to meet the needs of a beautiful but resource poor people. It's about encouraging and loving our friends here. It's about being the hands and feet of Jesus in a place where He has lead us. What an awesome privilege we have to be here!!
 End of work on Saturday! Need the ladder now.
 Main Street in Pignon

 Looking the other way down Main Street

Our friends Principal Jean Anil and Fr. Gaston

Bassin Zim water fall 

From the top of Bassin Zim

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Good morning from Haiti. Not too much different from the last few days. Lots of digging. As you can see we're now about 6 feet deep in our septic hole. Only another 6 feet to go!! This is for the washroom being built for the seniors. Thought it was about time to let you know who's on the team this year. In the picture you see Daniel. Daniel's worked on this project for the past 3 years. He attends River of Life church which meets at Conrad Grebel at the University of Waterloo. Next is Colin from Highview. This is his 4th time to this site. A tireless worker and always having fun! Next is me, Brian. Can't believe it but this is my 8th time to Haiti on variuos projects. God has put Haiti in my heart. Same for Eric. He lives in Macoun, Saskatchewan. He started coming 10 years ago and returns on average twice a year for about 4-6 weeks at a time. Just can't seem to stay away!! I get it.
Hope you have a great Saturday. Tomorrow we're off to Hinche and Sapate to worship and visit our friends there.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday at LaJeune

Lots of digging today!! The picture you see was at close of day yesterday, Thursday. We've been going at it all day so will look forward to letting you see the picture tomorrow. I know it's just a hole but it will help to meet the needs of the seniors here. God's work!
The guys have completed half of the first window. Only 20 and a half to go.
On the mountain, just above where we are working, is the sign Pignon, telling us we're at the site. It's much like seeing the Schneiders sign on the 401 coming from TO. We know we're close to home.
Had a treat today!!!! Turns out theirs a restaurant in town that serves burgers and pizza. Who knew? 
Thank you to everyone for your prayers. Keep them coming!!!


 The goal for the project this year is to complete the Seniors Residence in Pignon. Last year 7 rooms were started and either than a couple last minute additions will soon be ready for occupancy. We had hoped that the seniors would be enjoying their new spaces by now but as seems to happen frequently in Haiti, the schedule has been delayed. Turns out we need something called a washroom built before they can move in. This year it’s our goal to add several more rooms for seniors as well as a dining area, office space and a storage room. We always covet your prayers for a safe journey and protection while we’re there. As well, that God could use us as a blessing and encouragement to the people we come in contact with. I’ve added a couple pictures I received Oct 16th showing that the work for this new stage is already underway. Bondye beni w. God bless you.

Thursday, November 8, 2018


"Hello from Haiti. Save travels getting to our Haiti home in LaJeune. You can see that the plane we use to fly over the mountains to Pignon attracts a bit of attention!
Had a tour of the site yesterday. You can see in the picture the building housing the 7 rooms for 14 seniors that we worked on last year. Last piece is to install the windows and we'll be doing that this trip.  Were very pleased to see the progress that's already taken place on the next section of the project. Colin's working on the walls carrying cement. Dan and I  started digging what will be a 12 foot deep hole for the septic system. Lots to do!!! And most important of all, getting to see the many friends we have made over the years here in Haiti. Beautiful.