Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Taking It Further!

The Update:

From January 13 to 24, 2020 a Team from Highview/EMCC was able to visit the site of the Seniors' Home in Pinon to see the progress of the project, and to move forward towards its completion.  It's exciting to know that we're in the last states of preparation before we start inviting the Seniors to take residence!!!!

The Event:

Saturday, February 29, 2020
Two Seatings:  5:00 and 6:30 p.m.
Tickets:  Adults $30 Children $15
Silent Auction (closes at 8:30 p.m.)
Boasting quality items such as an outdoor firepit enclosure, 
golf clubs, Kitchener Rangers sweaters, homemade jewellery,
 Haitian artwork, Bluetooth speakers, and much more!

Highview Community Church
295 Highview Drive, KIT

The Reason:

Money raised this year will go towards the digging of a well to provide all water needs, the finishing touches on the buildings, and the purchase of furniture and other items needed for the rooms.

Housing for Seniors who are alone and poor, is a priority of the city of Pignon.  There is little offered for the elderly who have no children (to act as their Senior's security) or whose children are unable or unwilling to provide for poor parents.  The need is great in a country ravaged by disaster.

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  By investing in the community of Pignon, we have an 'on the ground' impact, investing together in the future of some of the country's most vulnerable.


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Last Day in Pignon

As I write this update(Tuesday)  we're just finishing up our last day at the seniors home. 

Lots of good work has been done and much more will be completed in the near future with the goal of opening the home in the very near future. Plumbing in the washroom, tiles on the floors, painting the rooms, making and varnishing the beds, sealing off the depot where food is stored, parging the dining/office/kitchen area; all this and more is on the go as we prepare to leave the site. 

Tomorrow we fly out of Pignon early in the morning and will then spend a night at the medical clinic in the north near the Haiti/Dominican border. 

Thursday we'll head over the border in preparation for our trip home. 

Mattresses Arrive!  Good time for a break!

What a rich blessing it is to come and work alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters. There is great excitement at the church here in Pignon to see the home up and running. On a daily basis we had pastors and leadership of the AEM (the Haitian church) come to see the work and everytime they shared their joy and thanks about the project.

Our good friend Acner is enjoying them too.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and donations to this work. This is clearly something God has asked us, Highview and Trinity, to share of our time and resources. 

We are blessed. 

Brian, For the Team

Monday, January 20, 2020

Bad Roads and Good Spirits

Haitian Countryside
Supplies Run (Truck not pictured!)

More Country!!

From Ruth Anne:

Here's an interesting technological tidbit.  I'm in Thailand, receiving info and pictures from Brian who's in Haiti, and together we are sending these reports back to Canada.  Love how 'small' our world is.  Love how BIG our God is!  Thanks for your patience while we work with the time differences and internet connections to keep us all working and serving together....from all parts of the world!

From Brian:

Yesterday (Sunday) was a day of worship and adventure. 

First was the Sunday service with our friends at the church in Pignon. Starts at 7:00. We arrived at 8:00. Then it was off to visit another church in the mountains of the north. Eric's church in Saskatchewan raised funds to help pay for the roof.

Such beautiful country!!!! What terrible roads!!!! Today we get to work. Bosses are here to start work on the washroom, finish beds, paint rooms, varnish beds and more. Busy day.

Monday, January 13, 2020

The Haitian Connection

As Haiti marks the grim anniversary of the devastating earthquake ten years ago (January 12, 2010) I am all the more excited that Highview has followed the call of God in forging important partnerships of love and reciprocity with our beautiful friends there. 

I asked Brian Ogilvie, who is travelling with a combined team this month, to share some of what is on his mind and heart for this current visit.

First, Brian, what are the dates of your trip?

January 13 to 24, 2020

What do you feel is the general goal of this particular trip?

This year it’s our hope to complete the structural work of the seniors’ residence in Pignon. This will mean painting, building wheelchair ramps, and most importantly, completing the work on the washroom facility in preparation for the seniors moving in. This has been a long time coming (5 years) but the excitement is now growing as we realize the final steps in getting this facility up and running.

Can you tell us what you’re excited about?

Always excited to see our friends in Pignon, Hinche and Sapate. One of our goals when God led us to this work was to build relationships with the people of these communities and I’m happy to say that’s been accomplished. It is always a joy to walk onto the sites and see our friends smiles again. Since its inception this has been a project shared with our friends at Trinity Evangelical Missionary church in Waterloo. What a blessing to lock arms with other Christian communities to do the work of meeting the needs of the poorest in this world.

How can we be praying for you?

Certainly, this year, prayers for protection would be appreciated. The country of Haiti has been in turmoil for what seems forever but the political temperature is a bit hotter this year compared to others. And as always, that we can bless the people of the communities in which we work and the country as a whole.

We will be praying for you and the team, Brian!

God speed.

We’ll look forward to updates as internet allows.

Ruth Anne Breithaupt

Missionary In Residence

Highview Community Church

Friday, November 22, 2019

What a Beautiful Thing It Is

Posting by Ruth Anne Breithaupt
Missionary In Residence/Highview Community Church

There’s a beauty in this picture that we might miss if we thought it was just another restaurant photo of a group out for dinner.  Because it’s not.

When Pastor Giordani, Pastor and Denominational Leader from Haiti came this month to visit some of his church members who now live in Toronto, a two-day stopover in Kitchener became part of the plan.   That gave a number of us the opportunity to share a meal and spend some time with one of Highview’s beloved partners in the work in Haiti God has so lavishly given us to be part of. 

This is a partnership that spans more than a decade and has seen us send teams to various locations, mostly working on construction sites, and assisting in medical clinics. But I probably don’t need to tell you any of this if you are already connected to this blog, or to Highview, or to any one of the amazing people who have taken up the adventure and gone themselves.  And if not, just scroll back into past posts to get the scope and joy of the bigger story here.

Pastor Giordani’s leadership role and oversight of churches there, has involved him in most if not all of our visits, giving team members, particularly those who have gone frequently (like Brian, Poppy and Linda, as well as Dr. Ivan) a chance to become friends.   Real friends.  Friends that respect one another and listen to each other and are genuinely glad in each other’s presence.

And that’s the beauty of it, folks. 

While I feel completely welcome, my space at the table is somewhat undeserved.  I have never sweltered in the heat hauling cement , or counted out pills under the shade of a Haitian porch roof.   But I am Highview’s Missionary In Residence which means that my heart is excited for all Highview’s loves beyond our own borders.   And I am passionate, almost militant to be honest, about respect and reciprocity being the foundation of any of our endeavours.  

So when Pastor Giordani is greeted with such warm enthusiasm.  When his own smile and ease in our company brings its own brightness to the room.  When Poppy is excited to tell him (using her French so delightfully) about her time in India.  When Brian converses with Pastor Giordani in Creole, demonstrating just a whole lot of effort to make this important way of connection happen.  When Linda says she’s more than happy to have Pastor Giordani stay at their home because, after all, she’s stayed at his.  When I feel  the love wrapping itself around our meal, I am honoured to sit in the beauty of it.

This love, these incarnational friendships, it changes everything.  We are not the same once we make these deeper connections.   We are just so not.

The meal is over.  We ask our server to take our picture.  Pastor Giordana stands to thank us, for the meal and for this time to be together, in a way that’s both formal and familiar at the same time.   I love it.  I love that I’ve been here.  To see this.   We’ve been together as friends.  And it's beautiful.

Friday, November 16, 2018


Safely across the border and relaxing in the DR. We're done for another year!! Can't express the blessing it is to be able to work side by side with our Haitian friends. Working together. Laughing a lot. Sweating a lot!!!! I forgot to mention, it's hot here. Over 30C every day!!!
The pictures are from our last day on the site and the morning we left for the Dominican. Knew you would be waiting to see a final picture of the hole. Over 8 feet now. They'll keep working to get it to 12 feet!
Work doesn't stop when we leave. The washroom/showers for the seniors still needs to be completed. The roof on the new section will hopefully be finished Jan/Feb when Eric is scheduled to return. And then it's our hope that a group of seniors will move in. Pr. Abdon is saying as many as 5 early in the year!
Thank you for your prayers! For the team and the work. But don't stop! Keep this home and the people of Pignon and Haiti in your hearts and minds. They need our prayers. The team says thanks and see you soon in the frosty north.
 Our plane taking us to the north

 The boys room for the 4 guys
Dan in the hole at the end of Tues
The team and Pr. Abdon. Pr. lives on the property
Colin with our Haitian team
Highview’s cornerstone is still there!
 The beauty of the countryside
 Windows with shutters